What we do


C2C NGO is dedicated to education and networking on the topic of Cradle to Cradle. The NGO works together with business, science, education, politics and civil society.

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We explain and spread
Cradle to Cradle
C2C Congress 2020
We offer Cradle to Cradle
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C2C Summit 2020
We are initiators and
Partners for Cradle to Cradle
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We build strong Cradle to Cradle networks
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We provide our C2C LAB
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We produce your
Cradle to Cradle event


The C2C LAB in Berlin is the world’s first comprehensive inventory refurbishment of an existing unit according to the innovative criteria of Cradle to Cradle. On 400 m2, C2C school of thought and design concept can be experienced in content and practice in our education center, NGO head office and real lab.

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Labor Tempelhof

Die Ärzte and Die Toten Hosen provided three concerts in August 2022 at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin for a laboratory. The aim is to show how cradle to cradle solutions that already exist today can lead to a circular economy that offers economic, ecological and social added value for society as a whole – and how, derived from this, major events with a positive impact on people and the environment can also become standard.


International C2C Congress

The International Cradle to Cradle Congress is the world’s largest C2C platform – this is where the C2C community meets key personalities from business, politics, science and society every year.


Whether on site, digital or hybrid – we organize numerous events for trade audience, C2C newcomers, pupils or students. These include day events such as our Summits or shorter discussion formats such as our LAB Talks.

Event C2C Academy, three people on bright stage, audience sitting in the foreground

C2C Academy

The C2C Academy inspires and promotes creativity. It connects the volunteers of the C2C NGO and offers them further training opportunities: workshops and discussion rounds make it possible to immerse in different areas of Cradle to Cradle.


Our platform for knowledge exchange and networking is aimed at cities, municipalities, companies, research institutes and organizations that make C2C the development model of their region. Share your experiences, find allies and form strong competence clusters.

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Education für Cradle to Cradle has always been our core mission as an NGO. Our Education Unit is now bringing the concept into schools – through modular educational materials as an integral part of teaching at different grade levels.


The manual “C2C in construction: Orientation for municipalities” gives representatives of cities and municipalities concrete recommendations for C2C solutions in construction. The manual offers comprehensive access and an overview of concepts and materials and is intended to achieve a broad impact of C2C in new construction, renovation and interior design. It offers solutions for a community development inspired by C2C that goes beyond the pursuit of climate or energy neutrality.

Policy briefing for a circular economy
based on C2C

Climate change, species extinction, raw materials crisis, Corona pandemic … A look at the world shows: We need a master plan now, otherwise we will continue to stumble from one crisis to the next. The basic prerequisite for this must be to build an economy that no longer reduces its negative consequences, but leaves a positive footprint.

This requires concrete changes that can only be implemented if all political, economic and social sectors work together.
With this policy briefing for a circular economy according to Cradle to Cradle (C2C), we show 10 opportunities to start today into an intact future.


We get involved in the public and political discourse on environmental and climate policy in the broadest sense. Among other things, through statements on current topics.