OUR competencies

C2C NGO is dedicated to education and networking on Cradle to Cradle. The NGO works together with business, science, education, politics and civil society.

We explain and spread Cradle to Cradle​

We hold keynotes, lectures or workshops on Cradle to Cradle in your organization. We are available to moderate your events. We can organize a tour of our C2C LAB in Berlin for you.

Feel free to contact us about a possible collaboration and dive deeper into Cradle to Cradle, for example with our 2-day Deep Dive workshop.

We offer a stage to Cradle to Cradle

We organize and accompany various C2C events all year round. These include the annual International C2C Congress, summits on specific topics and events in the C2C LAB.

In our C2C LAB we show how C2C works in practice. Be it in our showroom, through partnerships with companies in our real laboratory or through our educational work.

Our social media channels, print products and websites are exactly the right place to distribute news and innovations about Cradle to Cradle.

We are initiators and partners for Cradle to Cradle

The demand for Cradle to Cradle, circular economy and sustainability is increasing rapidly. In order to be competitive, to meet demand and to advance C2C, we give you impulses and accompany you.

As experts we offer consulting in early project phases, statements, studies, knowledge partnerships as well as cooperation in research projects. And we support you with campaigns or a communication strategy.

We build strong Cradle to Cradle networks

Whether at events in the C2C LAB, at our C2C Congress, in our large volunteer network with a good 800 active members, or in our (online) network for municipalities: through various formats we bring people together who stand for and behind C2C.

We provide our C2C LAB for events

As soon as the Corona situation has eased a bit, you can rent our well-equipped rooms again for your event. An event space, two workshop rooms, a lounge and a relaxation room are available for rent in the C2C LAB.
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We produce your digital Cradle to Cradle event

With us, your digital formats become a real alternative to on-site events. We have the necessary equipment, staff and know-how to professionally accompany your digital event. We produce and stream your format live with high-quality technology. With participants on site, as a purely virtual event or in a mixed form. In addition, the audience can be interactively involved. ​ ​
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