Vision & Mission

Problems can only be solved by those who have seen through them – this is what we promote through our educational work. C2C NGO connects business, science, education, politics and civil society.

Our volunteers, who are organized nationwide, carry the idea of Cradle to Cradle into the world. Our Congress is the world’s largest C2C platform: Every year, over 1,000 participants from the C2C community meet here with key figures from science, business and politics. Forums, lectures and workshops offer space for exchange and networking.

In 2019, we built the C2C LAB in Berlin: the world’s first comprehensive refurbishment of an existing commercial unit according to C2C criteria. As an educational center, NGO head office and real laboratory, the school of thought and design concept can be experienced in practice. Everyone who wants to get involved in a positive footprint can become active with us.

bunte Fäden, dahiner steht 'für eine bessere Welt', ich arbeite mit C2C



​​In tomorrow’s society, Cradle to Cradle is a given. Following nature’s example, all waste is simply a nutrient for something else. With the production of “garbage” our species has interrupted all natural cycles, but no one does that anymore.

Based on the function of a product, we only use materials that are recyclable and suitable for your usage scenario: healthy for us and the environment.

We design resilient and productive systems because we adapt everything to its environment and thereby create diversity; we have also learned this from ecosystems.

We generate energy exclusively with recyclable systems from renewable sources. All people work under conditions that secure their rights and enable them to lead a good life. We have stopped striving for renunciation: instead of doing less of the wrong thing, we only do the right thing. We no longer fall from one crisis to the next because we have found interlocking solutions to our ecological, economic and social problems.

We are no longer neutral, but leave large positive footprints: ecologically, economically and socially. Now we humans are beneficial.

bunte Fäden, dahiner steht 'für eine bessere Welt', ich arbeite mit C2C
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With C2C NGO we are accelerating the implementation of Cradle to Cradle: we are driving forward ideas that turn people into beneficials.

We bring organizations and people to rethink and redesign . We demand and promote an intact world. From the Berlin C2C LAB, our head office, training center and real laboratory for C2C innovations, we initiate groundbreaking C2C projects. We connect people from science, business, education, art, civil society and politics, that can change the way we think and act. We accompany and advise municipalities in their transformation to a C2C region. We organize workshops, panel discussions and specialist conferences, as well as the annual C2C Congress as the world’s largest C2C platform.

We create educational materials and key personalities from politics and business ask us how they can better integrate C2C into their actions.

In order to realize our vision, we build alliances and cooperate in strong partnerships. Together with our volunteer work, we give impulses and encourage change. We spread our ideas and the fruits of our labor through all channels: we take a stand and get involved in public debates.